There are things that you’d expect a virtual assistant to be able to help you with, and things that you traditionally wouldn’t. Our goal is to offer you everything in the former category, and a whole lot in the latter.

A few examples of tasks we can easily help you with:

– Manage your calendar and schedule meetings
– Organize your to-do list (and help cross items off too, of course!)
– Find the best value flights and prepare a detailed itinerary for your trip
– Book hotels and dining experiences based on your budget and preferences
– Organize your inbox and respond to e-mails
– Buy products and/or services for your business
– Manage your client contact database and enter new clients

As alluded to in the Why Choose Us section, we can do a whole lot more. We’ve entered data into proprietary web-based applications and updated social media pages. We’ve turned word documents into engaging presentations. We’ve updated website content on popular content management systems.

We’re always ready to tell you what tasks fall within our realm of expertise and what will require a little more time to get going. We’re also quick to tell you when there is a task that may be better suited for someone with more technical experience. Quickly communicating our limitations is as important to us as flaunting our [very] long list of skills. We like to think this is one of the many reasons our clients appreciate working with us.